Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get out of my car while it's being washed?

We are an express exterior car wash.  This means you’ll stay in your vehicle while an attendant directs you into the car wash.

Do you clean the inside of my car?

We have self-serve vacuums that are FREE with every wash.  They are high powered and do a great job of making sure the inside of your car is as clean as the outside.

Will the brushes damage my car?

Bubble Barn features the latest technology of brushes; they are designed to be safe, lightweight, quiet, and gentle.  Our brush material is made of a closed cell foam, so it does not retain water or particles like some other materials.  Because of their unique shape and material, our brushes dramatically increase cleaning performance while ensuring there is no damage to your vehicle.  You will get a safe wash and a shiny finish!

If you have further questions about our brush material, ask a team member when you’re onsite and they would be happy to show you a sample of our brush material.

Can I have a touchless wash?

Absolutely!  We are able to retract all our brushes on any of our washes.  Just let an attendant know you would like a touchless wash before you pull into the car wash tunnel.

Will my vehicle fit?

We have a 7’4” clearance.  This means that we can wash very tall vehicles, including dually trucks!  Our state-of-the-art conveyor belt means that all four tires are on the belt, eliminating guide rails, which means we can wash vehicles that ride very low to the ground as well.